Dr. Ligy Philip


FAME (INDO-UK Project)

Fame Vision

Support the clean ganga mission in india and water pollution control in the uk through the investigation of emerging contaminants fate and the development of novel solutions for their sustainable management.

Fame Objective

Monitor the fate and interaction of ECs in surface water; river beds, aquatic life, groundwater and existing wastewater treatment plants

Fate and Management of Emerging Contaminants (FAME)

Owing to on-going demographic shifts, urbanization and changing life styles supported by rapid industrialization, pollution by so-called emerging contaminants (ECs) is an emerging environmental and public health concern in India, the UK and globally. Pharmaceuticals, personal-care products, pesticides & industrial compounds, are collectively known as ECs. They lead to, among other effects, increasing antibiotic resistance and endocrine disruption in aquatic animals and possibly humans. Conventional wastewater treatment plants (WTPs) have a mixed performance in dealing with such contaminants and might even be adversely affected by the ECs in treating more conventional pollutants. There is also evidence that WTPs can act as reservoirs of antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria. Due to limited availability of data, the fate of ECs in the environment and wastewater treatment remains under-investigated, limiting our ability to provide targeted cost effective treatment.


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